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Classic Online Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is simple game with bubbles or marbles that is partly puzzle and partly shooter. Its part of the popular match three games genre where people has to match three similar items to remove them.

This game genre is really easy to learn - the most important thing in the casual games industry. People can grasp the gameplay in a minute and start playing without effort and actually relax during gameplay.

Bubble Shooter Strategies:

  • Shoot at already existing chains of similar bubbles
  • Remove enough bubbles to cut some of the other bubbles
  • Create new chains of similar colored bubbles

Its a little strange but the audience of this bubble shooter game are mostly people above 20 years old. One expects that games are played mostly by kids but this is not the case with the bubble shooter games genre. Many people play it at work or at home.

Bubble Shooter

The game board consists of color bubbles and you can see the current and the next bubble. Your goal is to aim and shoot with your left mouse button at groups of similar colored bubbles to remove them. Once all bubbles are removed from the game screen you win.

HTML5 Bubble Shooter game

Bubble Shooter that you can play in your mobile phone or tablet browser
Mobile browser bubble shooter

Mobile browser games became popular recently as people now have internet on their phones and they don't need to install games to play them. Mobile browser games or html5 games are games that you don't need to install, don't need to use extra memory, just go to a site with them and play. In this matter they are similar to the old flash games.

Our Bubble Shooter Blitz is mobile browser game that you can play any time and anywhere. You can play it on your mobile phone, tablet or pc. You need only a javascript enabled browser and it will work smoothly.

The rules of BubbleShooter Blitz are the same as in other bubble shooter games. You aim and shoot bubbles at other bubbles and your goal is to make matches of three or more bubbles with the same color to make them fall. In this bubble shooter bubbles are moving faster down and you must remove them faster.

As the game progresses it will be very hard to keep on.

Can you get an amazing highscore?

If you play on mobile phone or tablet use the full screen link for better experience, it will open the game in full screen mode.

Mobile browser game

If you don't like the current game you can press the button on the top right corner and choose to exit. It also helps you pause if you want to stop for a rest or have some other business to do.

Bubbleshooters are amazing and very addicting way to spend some free time and get some rest.

Simple, repeated logical tasks make our brains relaxed and entertained at the same time.

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